Phantoms All Stars vs LA Raiders Basketball Charity Event


1986 was a great year for Cathedral. The school, with the help of its strong Alumni Association and a group of 1950s graduates better known as “The Friends of Cathedral”, would win its 2 year battle in saving Cathedral from being sold to developers. That same year, in order to raise money for the school, a proposed basketball game featuring the Cathedral Phantom Basketball all-stars, featuring alumni from the 1950s to the 80s, were challenged to play members of the Los Angeles Raiders in a charity game with the proceeds going to Cathedral High.


Since the Cathedral High gymnasium could not accommodate a large number of spectators, Henry Ronquillo, then principal at Roosevelt High School, donated their gym free of charge. The event would take place on Saturday night, April 26, 1986 and was played in front of a crowd estimated at 450 guests who paid $5.00 each to see this charity game which turned out to be a basketball/football game combination.   By the time the game ended, there was no love lost between the teams. Joe Caldera, Salesian High Class of 1964, was one of the referees and he stated that he was more verbally abused by both teams than he was by his wife. The LA Raiders prevailed by one point with the Phantoms missing a chance to win the game by one point. This event with added donations raised $4,200.


Bill (Weelo) Sanchez 1952 Willie Brown (Coach) DB (Hall of Fame)
Sal Gaytan 1952 Bruce Davis LT
Robert Martinez 1958 Mike Davis SS
Raul (Bullet) Disarufino 1959 Mike Haynes CB
Ray Reyes 1959 Lester Hayes CB
Kent Carter 1968 Sean Jones DE
Sean Conway 1976 Rod Martin LB
Martin Avila 1985 Vann McElroy FS
George Avila 1985 Reggie McKenzie LB
Eric Chap 1986 Brad Van Pelt LB
Bill Sanchez 1952 – Position DB
Sal Gaytan 1952 – Position LT
Robert Martinez 1958 – Position SS
Raul (Bullet) Disarufino 1959 – Position CB
Ray Reyes 1959 – Position CB
Kent Carter 1968 – Position DE
Sean Conway 1976 – Position LB
Martin Avila 1985 – Position FS
George Avila 1985 – Position LB
Eric Chapa 1986 – Position LB

Raul (Bullet) Disarufino, Cathedral High All American Quarterback and basketball star who played at Arizona State, has his remembrance of that night 30 years ago:

“There was a lot of trash talk when the Raiders knew they were in for a game against the Phantoms. Some of the other DB’s and linemen got frustrated with me and the other Phantoms as we out-rebounding them. A Raider lineman grabbed me and threw me to the floor. This part of the game was told to me by Sal Gaytan – a lesson on keeping your eye on the prize. While the lineman was throwing me to the floor, the ball came loose and rather than retaliate I went after the ball. Sal recounted the play to me, ‘Did you realize what you did?’ I said I did know, and Sal being the coach that he was, brought meaning to the play. The game could have been won. The clock was running down. I was out in front open with enough time to go in for a layup. My teammate was not aware of the time or did not see me. In my mind I was already in for the score but the ball never came. When the game ended, both teams shook hands and the Raiders said this was the toughest charity game they ever played.

Final Score: Raiders 71, Phantoms 70.”



Sal Gaytan 
Class of 1952

Through motivation and determination, Sal played without the use of his right hand which he lost in a terrible accident at home at the age of 7. Sal was also an excellent high school basketball coach, coaching at Cathedral High from 1966-1967.

Bill (Weelo) Sanchez
Class of 1952

C.I.F. Player of the Year (1952). Bill attended St. Mary’s University where he played against Hall of Fame legend Bill Russell and K.C. Jones, who both played for the University of San Francisco (USF). In his documentary, Bill Russell named Bill Sanchez as one of the fiercest competitors that he played against in college.

Bobby Martinez
Class of 1958

All Catholic and All C.I.F. (1958). Mr. Smooth, as he was called, had a great jump shot and was a great defender.

Kent Carter
Class of 1968

All C.I.F. football, attended USC and played for Coach John McKay. Kent also played in the NFL with the Boston Patriots, which we know today as the New England Patriots, and also the St. Louis Cardinals.
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